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  • Andrea Golding

There is a reason that 'Hybrid' and 'Mongrel' are Synonyms.

So many companies are sprinting towards 'Hybrid' models without taking the time to dissect and actually understand the extreme complexities (and problems) a hybrid workplace presents.

I completely share the sentiment of CEOs like Yelp's Jeremy Stoppelman.

"Fully Remote" is a unique and complex business operating system.

"Fully Co-located" is also a unique and complex business operating system.

"Hybrid" is NOT the best of both worlds, it is the worst of all worlds. I would wager that getting hybrid right is more complex than getting either of the other two right.

Sadly, so many companies are going to learn this the hard way and at the expense of brilliant humans who get caught up in their 'leaders' decisions.

Read more about Yelp's stance here

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